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Benefits to YOU:

»  Extramilevent will help you saving a large amount of time. You will speak to us only (we will work on your behalf).

»  Extramilevent will provide you a very user friendly comparison file, collecting all the information you need to know for your event. Location, prices, meeting room sizes, options, pictures, map, …

»  Extramilevent will make sure options are not expiring, will help you taking the decision when you are ready.

»  Extramilevent will suggest you what is new in the market, available and with a great value for money.

»  Extramilevent will talk on your behalf, will make sure your payment policies and procedures are accepted.

»  No cost need to be allocated for our services, which are free to YOU.

»  Extramilevent is compensated by the venue, after you have checked out and settled your bills. We will never charge you for our services.